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2019, ജനുവരി 21, തിങ്കളാഴ്‌ച

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments on Sabarimala very unfortunate

"The Prime minister's comments on Sabarimala were very unfortunate. We expected that he will propose some solution to solve this issue, but the Prime Minister did not do like that".

"We gave a new affidavit, withdrawing the affidavit filed by the LDF, to protect the interests of the devotees. Our stand is very clear, we are with the devotees and at the same time we are against taking political advantage of the Sabarimala issue,"

"We have no confusion, our stand is not a new stand. We took the stand when we were in power, we withdrawn of the affidavit of the LDF government and we gave affidavit in consultation of all consent people,"

"This is very dangerous. Confidence in the Central government is very important. Ours is a federal system, so Centre and the state government have to work together. We have to respect the democratic principles both ways, in the state relations and the administrative matters,"

2019, ജനുവരി 17, വ്യാഴാഴ്‌ച

This is a historic event; This stadium is now a mini India

“Rahulji is coming here as the INC president today. Next time when he comes, we are sure he will be coming as India’s Prime Minister."

"This year is the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi and the Year of Tolerance in the UAE. Gandhi’s life principles were based on tolerance which is lost in the world now."

"This stadium is now a mini India. Rahulji is coming to address that India and help us get back the values that we have lost in our country."

"This is a historic event and I appreciate the organizers for the grand success of the event."

2017, ഒക്‌ടോബർ 8, ഞായറാഴ്‌ച

Insulting Kerala by showcasing Gujarat model is ridiculous

Lashing out at BJP national president Amit Shah, Shah’s move to insult Kerala by showcasing the Gujarat model is ridiculous.

“The anti-Modi feeling that arose after Modi compared Kerala with Somalia proves that false propaganda unleashed by the BJP against Kerala will not have any affect. Kerala is a state which upholds high thinking in all spheres. Even the Human Development Index of Kerala has been maintaining world standards for the past several years. The Janaraksha Yatra is a cheap political tactic by the BJP to hide the administrative failures of the Narendra Modi government. All states, including Gujarat, desire to escape from the Modi's BJP which is going forward by destroying all sectors in India through its wrong policies,” Chandy said in the Facebook post.

2017, ഏപ്രിൽ 25, ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച

Senkumar has got justice through the order.

"All the procedures over the Puttingal trangedy were completed. The probe team appointed by the new government conducted further investigation into the probe already conducted by the team appointed during UDF government's tenure.  Both the probe teams investigated the case in the proper manner and brought the real culprit before the law. The then government did not have the opinion that the first probe team of the then DGP committed any lapse in the probe,"

2017, ജനുവരി 19, വ്യാഴാഴ്‌ച

The allegation which I raised against De La Rue has been confirmed by the Finance Ministry

The statement issued by the Finance Ministry confirming that the British company De La Rue had been denied security clearance reinforces the allegation raised by me. 

In my press conference I had presented documents to affirm that the tainted British company is collaborating with the Central Government on its pet projects including “Make in India”. Following my press conference, the Ministry of Finance came out with a press note denying my allegations. As per the statement issued by the Finance Ministry the company De La Rue has been denied security clearance by the Ministry of Finance and it has not placed any fresh orders with the company since 2014. This only reiterates the earlier statement made by finance ministry that it does not have any dealing with the tainted company.  There have been no clarifications from the Central Government regarding the collaboration of this company with the pet project of Prime Minister “Make in India” and India-UK Tech summit.

During my press conference I had categorically stated that my allegations were with respect to the tainted company collaborating with the “Make in India” under Ministry of Commerce. The CEO of the De La Rue had in an interview confirmed that the company has established an office in New Delhi and is working closely with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. But this has not been denied by the Finance Ministry in its press statement. I had also stated that the strategic India-UK Tech summit jointly inaugurated by the British Prime Minister and India Prime Minister on November 9th 2016, had the De La Rue Company as one of the platinum partners. This summit was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.  The Finance Ministry statement is silent about this event as well. The finance ministry has also not responded to my allegations that the British company has been shortlisted for printing plastic notes in India. The finance ministry statement  revealed that the De La Rue Company has applied for setting-up a factory in India and no action has been taken in this regard. In this context it is notable that the SivaSena MP Hemant Godse in an interview to an online newspaper (the quint) had alleged that the Maharashtra Government led by Sri Devendra Fadnavis has allotted 10 acres of land to set up a factory for the tainted company De La Rue. 

The silence from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology has only added strength to my allegations on their collaboration with tainted De La Rue Company.

2017, ജനുവരി 17, ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച

Modi has compromised national interest by collaborating with a tainted UK based Note Printing Company, De La Rue

In continuation with the Press Conferences in Kochi and Trivandrum I did a Press Conference in AICC today. In the press conference I have presented all documents to prove that the Modi Government has compromised national interest by collaborating with a tainted UK based Note Printing Company De La Rue. In connection with this I am raising 5 questions to Modi and Government?

1. Why was the company De La Rue, denied security clearance in India made a platinum partner of the highly strategic India-UK Tech Summit organized by the Government of India?The removal of the India-UK Tech Summit link after my allegation has created lot of suspicion with regard to the involvement of the De La Rue Company.

2. The CEO of the De La Rue, Martin Sutherland has clearly stated that the company has established an office in Delhi and is working closely with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,Govt of India to participate in Make in India Initiative. Please clarify on how a company denied security clearance by Government of India is able to establish an office in India and work closely with the Central Commerce Department, government of India?

3. The De La Rue Company in their annual report for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 had stated that the company had no active trading in India. But, in the latest annual report of the company it has been stated that the De La Rue is trading actively in India in 2016. The company recorded 33% growth in the value of its share from the month April to November 2016.The Government of India should clear the air with regard to evidence that De La Rue is working in India from 2016.

4. In 2011, the then Finance Minister of State, Sri Namo Narain Meena had stated in Rajyasabha that the security clearance was denied to De La Rue. The Government has to specify whether this ban has been lifted by the Incumbent Government?

5. The National newspaper “The Telegraph” in a report had stated that three companies including De La Rue has been shortlisted for printing plastic notes. Whether De la Rue Company has been shortlisted for printing of plastic currency in India needs a clarification from the concerned ministry?
I hope Government of India will respond to my queries.

2015, ഒക്‌ടോബർ 1, വ്യാഴാഴ്‌ച

Govt assures free flight home for diaspora away for long

Thiruvananthapuram: The state government on Wednesday assured free flights home to expatriates from the state working in the Middle-East who have not been able to visit their kin for a long time.

Announcing this after the weekly cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told media persons that with the government's dream project Air Kerala still hanging fire on account of existing aviation rules in the country, "we have decided to move forward on our own".

"The whole purpose of Air Kerala was to charge reasonable air fares from the Kerala diaspora. We all know that the numerous airlines operating the route are just fleecing passengers from the Middle-East," he said.

"Numerous requests to relax rules and thereby allow Air Kerala to take wings neither moved the previous UPA government nor the present central government. So we decided that we will fly our people from the Middle-East, who have not come home for long, for free," the chief minister said.

"For this, our Diaspora Minister K.C. Joseph has got in touch with various Kerala associations in the Middle-East to prepare a list of people who have not returned home for 10 years, seven years and five years.

"Some airlines have offered us free seats, while we have now got sponsors who have offered to help charter flights to bring these people who are unable to meet the high air fares," Chandy added.

The chief minister said he recently came across a person who was not able to come home for even his daughter's marriage. "Even though his friends were willing to foot his airfare, he sent that money to his family to be used for the marriage expenses."

Even though there were people ready to provide funds to launch Air Kerala, it is yet to take off because of the present aviation rules that require an airline to operate for five years in the domestic sector and possess at least 20 aircraft before it can get permission to fly on international routes.

2015, സെപ്റ്റംബർ 19, ശനിയാഴ്‌ച

Electronics & Raspberry Pi kits will reach every school

Trivandrum: The State Government will soon equip every school, government and aided, with electronic colour coded kits and Raspberry Pi kits, said Chief Minister, Shri Oommen Chandy. Speaking after the inauguration of the [email protected] project in Thiruvananthapuram today, the CM said that 6,000 government schools will be given the electronics kit to support and nurture a maker-culture among kids.

Besides providing Raspberry Pi kits to 10,000 students selected on a merit basis, steps will be taken to provide every government and aided school with a Raspberry Pi kit for common coding practices,” said the CM.

He also inaugurated the distribution of electronic kits under the [email protected] project and gave away the prizes to winners of the coding competition held as part of the first phase of Learn to Code project. The projects are being implemented jointly by the Kerala Startup Mission and [email protected]

Manas Manohar of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Higher Secondary School, Mokeri, Kannur, took the first prize and Rs. 2 lakh cash award, in the coding competition held as part of the first Learn to Code. The Class 9 student built Pi Attendance, a device to view attendance at government offices from personal computers.

(Kerala IT News)

2015, സെപ്റ്റംബർ 2, ബുധനാഴ്‌ച

Onam Sadya with the children affected by hemophilia

Onam Sadya with the children affected by hemophilia at Cliff house, Thiruvananthapuram. A program organised under the leadership of  Hemophilia Society of Kerala.

2015, ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 31, തിങ്കളാഴ്‌ച

Urgent steps to curb hacking of official websites

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Friday said that urgent steps will be taken to put a curb on hacking of official websites of the government. The information will be transferred to safe servers.

The government has already initiated measures to secure all the official websites in the state. A news investigation by Manorama News had reported that as many as 700 crucial websites of the government were being hacked. A high level meeting to find a solution to this will be convened soon. A special task force, including technical experts, will be constituted to address the menace, the Chief Minister said.

2015, ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 13, വ്യാഴാഴ്‌ച

Land to be taken over for light metro

 The cabinet has taken a decision to acquire land for the Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode light metro projects. The cabinet decided to takeover land for the projects expecting a positive response from the centre. Chief minister Oommen Chandy told after the cabinet meeting that there need be no concerns over this.

The Cabinet has also decided to grant aided status to special schools in private sector. The aided status would be given first to special schools which has a strength of more than 100 students. Aided status would also be given to BUDS schools in panchayats which has a strength of 25 children or more.

2015, ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 12, ബുധനാഴ്‌ച

Govt to file appeal against stay on formation of new panchayats

Kochi: The government will file an appeal against the Kerala High Court's decision to stay the formation of new panchayats in the state, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy stated on Tuesday.

The CM confirmed the decision to appeal the stay after holding talks with Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala and the Election Commission.

The stay was expected to cause delay to the local body polls, set for October. However, Chandy said that the polls would take place as per schedule.

The CM also revealed that the UDF government would hold further discussions with the Election Commission after 15 days.

The Kerala High Court stayed the formation of new panchayats on Monday.

While delivering the order, the court stressed that due process was not followed in formation of new panchayats.

"The manner in which some portions of villages were divided to form new panchayats without the permission of Governor was not following the law. The ward division too was against the law," the High Court observed.

Justice A.V. Ramakrishna Pillai took the decision to stay the formation of new panchayats, while considering a set of petitions filed on April 25 against the government decision.

The order came hours after Chandy said that the local body elections would not be delayed at any cost. The CM had also stated the government was stern about the timing of the panchayat elections.

2015, ജൂലൈ 18, ശനിയാഴ്‌ച

Panel set up to separate cultivable land from forest area

 A meeting chaired by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy decided to submit to the Centre a report on Ecologically Sensitive Area (ESA) in which temporary subdivision numbers have been allotted to cultivable land, which has come within the survey number of forest land.

The meeting decided to reject the map prepared by the Forest Department and to submit a map prepared by Oommen V. Oommen instead, along with the survey numbers.

It has also been decided to constitute special committees in 119 villages to demarcate agricultural land that falls within forest areas. The Panchayath President will be the chairman of the special committees. If any farmland has fallen in forest land, it will be distinguished and given a separate number. The Centre won't accept the map prepared by the Forest Department, the Chief minister said.

The special committees were set up following Centre's instruction to produce survey numbers of 123 villages, which were included in ecologically sensitive areas. The committees will conduct survey in the villages on July 23 and 24. The committee is aiming to separate farmlands if they have fallen in forest land and allot different survey numbers to them.

In view of the latest developments, the High Range Samrakshana Samithi informed that the hartal they had called for in Idukki on Monday has been called off.

2015, ജൂലൈ 8, ബുധനാഴ്‌ച

Vizhinjam project will be handed over to Adani

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said on Tuesday that the state government will go ahead with the move to award the Vizhinjam seaport project to Gujarat-based Adani Group, owned by Gautam Adani who is close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chandy termed the rumours that the Congress High Command has opposed the Kerala government's move as baseless.

BJP leader O. Rajagopal had said that the Chief Minister had told him that government will go ahead with the project. Rajagopal also pleaded with everyone to co-operate irrespective of party allegiance
and made it clear that he will lead a popular uprising if anyone tried to subvert the project.

However, Minister for Ports K. Babu clarified that the there has been no such directive from the High Command.

2015, ജൂൺ 9, ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച

No one can stop implementation of Vizhinjam project

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Monday asserted in the assembly that the multi-crore Vizhinjam International Deepwater Seaport project here would be implemented regardless of the CPI-M-led LDF's opposition to it.

Answering during question hour, Chandy said government was ready to accept any suggestions of the Opposition. But, if they continue to resist the project, government would go ahead with it.

"No one can prevent implementation of the dream project of the state by hurling corruption charges," Chandy said, referring to the LDF allegation that there was some mystery in government move to award the project contract to Adani ports.

State Minister for Ports K Babu explained in detail the various steps taken by government for inviting global tender for the project. "All things are done in a very transparent manner keeping the interest of the state in mind," he said.

LDF members said they were not against the project, but only wanted to implement it in public sector.

On LDF resistance to PPP model, Babu said the project was planned under publicprivate partnership (PPP)-Landlord model during the previous LDF rule also.

During LDF rule, the PPP element was Rs 974 crore. There was now an increase in the project cost and overall size of the project that pushed the proportion of PPP amount, he said.

Lashing out at the government, Opposition leader and CPI-M veteran V S Achuthanandan said contrary to previous LDF government's initiative, the move to hand over the project to private sector with conditions in their favour was a matter of concern.

"There is corruption in all the matters that UDF government touches," Achuthanandan said adding Vizhinjam port project should be implemented giving importance to state's interest.

Conceived decades ago, the port project, which can give a substantial boost to the state's economy, has been delayed due to various reasons all these years.

2015, ഫെബ്രുവരി 1, ഞായറാഴ്‌ച

Jayanthi Natarajan was not accessible even to Congress MPs from Kerala


Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy sought to puncture Jayanthi Natarajan’s allegations against Congress leadership, saying the then Environment Minister was “not reachable” even to party MPs.

Chandy said there were instances in which Congress MPs from Kerala had to seek the intervention of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to get access to Natarajan to discuss “buring issues” related to implementation of Kasturirangan and Madhav Gadgil reports on Western Ghats.

“Sometimes, she was not reachable even to party MPs from my state. Obviously, then they complained to the party leadership. They wanted to raise burning issues related to implementation of Kasturirangan and Madhav Gadgil committee reports on Western Ghats.

“My state was witnessing an unprecedented agitation at that point of time. We are grateful to Soniaji and Rahulji for their intervention to address the concerns of the people of my state. They were forced to intervene after our MPs complained that the Minister was not accessable to them,” Chandy told PTI here.

He also said Natarajan’s accusations against Rahul Gandhi were “unfair.” The Chief Minister was reacting after Natarajan accused Rahul of interference in working of the Environment Ministry during her stint.

2014, മാർച്ച് 18, ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച

“Wrecked creature” not a word in Congress man’s dictionary, says Chandy

“Wrecked creature” not a word in Congress man’s dictionary, says Chandy

Thrissur: Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Monday said that the Congress men and the UDF workers should not have a word like “wrecked creature” in their dictionary, in an obvious warning to Congress legislator V T Balram.
The chief minister was apparently cautioning the Thrithala MLA for his Facebook post targeting a local bishop Mathew Anikuzhikkattil with the remarks while inaugurating an election campaign here.
“Broadmindedness is a policy of the Congress and the UDF. Those who support the front have the right to criticise too. If the criticism is meaningful, we should correct it and go ahead. Else, we should make them understand the matter,” Chandy said.
“I have faced sharp criticism from accomplices throughout my tenure in politics. I have never thought that was to weaken me. Criticism should be taken in its spirit. Nobody is unquestionable,” said the chief minister.
He added that the Congress would face the fate of the CPI-M in future if they showed intolerance.
Balram’s Facebook outburst towards the bishop was following his unfriendly approach towards Congress candidate Dean Kuriakose.
The issue started when Congress candidate for Idukki, Dean Kuriakose, called on the Bishop Saturday seeking his blessings. During the meeting, the Bishop said political leaders visit him when elections are round the corner but forget about their commitments when in power.
Balram posted on Facebook that it is a common courtesy to behave decently when someone approaches you seeking votes. And it is a pity that there are wrecked creatures who shoo away those who come to their home.
Fearing that the Congress legislator’s comment would adversely hit party prospects in Idukki, Congress state president V M Sudheeran warned that leaders should be cautious while making comments. Balram came under fire at the party election committee meeting, where Sudheeran assured the members that he would discipline the young legislator.
When his reaction was sought on the controversy, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy told reporters that he did not think Balaram would have made such a comment. Chandy, however, added that Balaram would be censured if he had made adverse remarks against the Bishop.