2017, ജനുവരി 19, വ്യാഴാഴ്‌ച

The allegation which I raised against De La Rue has been confirmed by the Finance Ministry

The statement issued by the Finance Ministry confirming that the British company De La Rue had been denied security clearance reinforces the allegation raised by me. 

In my press conference I had presented documents to affirm that the tainted British company is collaborating with the Central Government on its pet projects including “Make in India”. Following my press conference, the Ministry of Finance came out with a press note denying my allegations. As per the statement issued by the Finance Ministry the company De La Rue has been denied security clearance by the Ministry of Finance and it has not placed any fresh orders with the company since 2014. This only reiterates the earlier statement made by finance ministry that it does not have any dealing with the tainted company.  There have been no clarifications from the Central Government regarding the collaboration of this company with the pet project of Prime Minister “Make in India” and India-UK Tech summit.

During my press conference I had categorically stated that my allegations were with respect to the tainted company collaborating with the “Make in India” under Ministry of Commerce. The CEO of the De La Rue had in an interview confirmed that the company has established an office in New Delhi and is working closely with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. But this has not been denied by the Finance Ministry in its press statement. I had also stated that the strategic India-UK Tech summit jointly inaugurated by the British Prime Minister and India Prime Minister on November 9th 2016, had the De La Rue Company as one of the platinum partners. This summit was organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.  The Finance Ministry statement is silent about this event as well. The finance ministry has also not responded to my allegations that the British company has been shortlisted for printing plastic notes in India. The finance ministry statement  revealed that the De La Rue Company has applied for setting-up a factory in India and no action has been taken in this regard. In this context it is notable that the SivaSena MP Hemant Godse in an interview to an online newspaper (the quint) had alleged that the Maharashtra Government led by Sri Devendra Fadnavis has allotted 10 acres of land to set up a factory for the tainted company De La Rue. 

The silence from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology has only added strength to my allegations on their collaboration with tainted De La Rue Company.