2017, ജനുവരി 17, ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച

Modi has compromised national interest by collaborating with a tainted UK based Note Printing Company, De La Rue

In continuation with the Press Conferences in Kochi and Trivandrum I did a Press Conference in AICC today. In the press conference I have presented all documents to prove that the Modi Government has compromised national interest by collaborating with a tainted UK based Note Printing Company De La Rue. In connection with this I am raising 5 questions to Modi and Government?

1. Why was the company De La Rue, denied security clearance in India made a platinum partner of the highly strategic India-UK Tech Summit organized by the Government of India?The removal of the India-UK Tech Summit link after my allegation has created lot of suspicion with regard to the involvement of the De La Rue Company.

2. The CEO of the De La Rue, Martin Sutherland has clearly stated that the company has established an office in Delhi and is working closely with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion,Govt of India to participate in Make in India Initiative. Please clarify on how a company denied security clearance by Government of India is able to establish an office in India and work closely with the Central Commerce Department, government of India?

3. The De La Rue Company in their annual report for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 had stated that the company had no active trading in India. But, in the latest annual report of the company it has been stated that the De La Rue is trading actively in India in 2016. The company recorded 33% growth in the value of its share from the month April to November 2016.The Government of India should clear the air with regard to evidence that De La Rue is working in India from 2016.

4. In 2011, the then Finance Minister of State, Sri Namo Narain Meena had stated in Rajyasabha that the security clearance was denied to De La Rue. The Government has to specify whether this ban has been lifted by the Incumbent Government?

5. The National newspaper “The Telegraph” in a report had stated that three companies including De La Rue has been shortlisted for printing plastic notes. Whether De la Rue Company has been shortlisted for printing of plastic currency in India needs a clarification from the concerned ministry?
I hope Government of India will respond to my queries.